Denton Trinity Roofing Fort Worth Review


These people put a roof on an elderly disabled woman’s house without a signed contractual agreement and then attempted to charge her over $26,000.00 for a basic composition roof for a 2,000 square foot house with a very simple roof. Ted Jones (salesman) and Jon Seibert (manager) appear to prey on the elderly and conspired with USAA to attempt to charge this kind of money for a roofing job that normally would be under $10,000.00. As far as I am concerned, this is not civil, it’s downright criminal. I could care less about their “hand driven roofing nails”” and their “”special warranty

“” as far as I am concerned there is a special place in HELL for these “”good Christian people”” who scam the elderly. The “”owners””

Alan and Linda Chamberlain will not come to the phone and appear not only to be allowing these clowns to run their business but to also be encouraging their behavior.DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AT ALL!!!!!”

1314 Johnson Street Denton, Texas United States of America


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By Ronald

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