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This is my now ex-husband, Dennis Wayne Barlow. We met in 1997 and hit it off immediately. He had been married before and had a daughter from that relationship that lived with her mother. They had been divorced for about 2 yrs. I met his ex-wife while we were still dating and she told me that he had cheated on her by sleeping with his manager at the restaurant he worked at. I was gullible enough to believe that just because he cheated on her, didn’t mean he would cheat on me. Wrong. || We were married in 1999 and I got pregnant 2 months later. Ok we then had three daughters when our daughter was born His, Mine and Ours. I will refer to them this way instead of names. After our daughter was born, he started treating my daughter awful. Mentally and emotionally abusive. I guess I blocked a lot out because my family says he was physically abusive to my daughter as well. He would give our daughter a popsicle and then when my daughter asked for one, he would get mad and say”You don’t have to have to have everything she does!” Oh I would get so mad and of course I would get her one too. Another example is that my daughter was laying on the floor watching tv and our daughter jumped on her back hurting my daughter. He wanted my daughter punished for laying in the floor instead of our daughter for hurting her sister. He would get furious when I had to buy things for my daughter too. Got so bad that I wasn’t allowed to see my friends or family for 3 years. || In 2003, he started working at a cab company. The dispatcher was an older woman, but I just had a gut feeling something was going on between them. She told me that he was the only driver she trusted and called him before she ever called anyone else. He always went when she called. I never got proof on that one. By 2005 I was getting sick of his behavior and had enough. I made him move out and go live with his momma. We still were married and he still came over and stayed the night and such. Then he would get too comfortable, and start being an ass again. Then I’d make him leave again. We were going to therapy trying to make things work. Then the day after Christmas in 2005, I got a phone call. (My sister lived in a house that was right next door to her best friends house. After my sister moved out, 2 ladies and a small child moved in.) The call was from my sister. Her best friend had called her and told her that a week prior, Dennis was at the house my sister used to live in, sleeping with one of the girls.The one that wasn’t sleeping with him, let the info slip. I immediately called him and confronted him. He admitted to it then turned around and said it was because I was sleeping with my sister’s husband and the father of my nephew!!! I have never cheated on anyone. || I contacted an attorney the next day and filed for divorce. That you would think would be the end of the story. But no. 3 months after the divorce is final, he married a third time. She’s more open to things than myself. (We had contact with each other because of our daughter. ) Then started having her call me and ask me for sex because she didn’t want to give him any! I of course never did!! People watch out for this dumbass. He’s a habitual liar that broke every promise he ever made to me, including our wedding vows. He’s an alcoholic that gets so drunk he pisses the bed. He takes whatever kind of pills he can find, and used to steal the kids’ cough medicine. He stole our daughter’s birthday money to go buy alcohol and cigarettes. He is a stalker and control freak. I am the lucky one though. I know what he did to his first ex-wife. He paid people to spray paint her license plates, steal her license plates, remove the valve stems from her tires, and to throw a brick through her windshield. I don’t know if all of them were accomplished but I know some were. He also sought out someone to shoot her in the eye w a bb gun. He wasn’t successful in finding someone for that one. Now he works for a towing company in Joplin. Just because he’s married, don’t mean squat to him.

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