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Complaint: dennis bonner was hired to assist in gaining custody of my 2 older children back in April 2014 for a 6May14 Family Law Case. their baby sister was murdered by her biological father. the father alex gilbert was sentenced on 5May2014, Dennis Bonner attended the hearing and did not give a reason why. My family court date was 6May2014 , the following day. with having the same judge, for both the criminal and the Family Law. Mr.Bonner did not ask for a continuance as I requested because of the traumatic impact of reliving my baby’s death the day before. And 6May14 is the only court date he appeared at pertaining to my case. bonner did not show remorse for my feelings, and feeling of belittlement due to my emotional state. I provided all the files Bonner had requested he needed. Very little foot work was done by bonner. From the police reports, hospital records,autoposy and death certificate. 22Aug2014 I left several messages by phone and sent a follow up email since 6May14 the only court date bonner. Signed motions that were not filed, was suppose to file in June as promised,message also sent in email of 22Aug14. I was saddened and hurt that Bonner did not upold his obligations after being paid the full retainer he asked for in advance.Therefore making it longer to be able to obtain custody of my children back. 9sept14 motions were still not filed in Lafayette county Circuit Court. 2Oct14, bonner replied with an email stating he was withdrawing from the case. Bonner filed a motion to withdraw from Lafayette County Circuit Court. Because of Bonner’s negligence on his behalf ,professional misconduct misleading I and the hopes of regaining my children. As a young mother whom just lost one of her children(11 weeks old), on 20May13 I was given promises and believed bonner was going to assist me to gain my 2 older children back but instead preyed on my vulnerable state of grief,heartache and reliving the hell that comes with the loss of an infant to homicide. Her father was the only suspect, the only one arrested and is serving time in prision for his actions.

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