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So this nasty ass bitch tried to sleep with my husband. She says she did he says they didn’t. She’s his ex and she left him when times got rough. But she wanted to come back when he was perfectly happy. She left tampons in our truck to try and get me to think he was cheating. Texting his phone all day and night. We ended up splitting because he couldn’t seem to be honest. All the while she’s claiming they are together and f**king on the regular. He’s texting me telling me he misses and loves me and that its not the end. || This nasty pos is having all her other boyfriends texting me telling me to kill myself and that he was done with me. While she was claiming to be with my husband she was sleeping with 5 other girls men. Oh did I mention her soon to be husband was locked up and she’s telling him its all ok. He got out and she was still trying to fuck my husband and get away with it. Expose this nasty bitch before she gets to everyone’s man. She’s only interested in men who are taken.

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By Ronald

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