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I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years, and we have been living together for the last 2 years. Denise Milito works for the same company that my boyfriend and I work for. From time to time he would need to talk with her about whatever and I was aware and noticed that it was becoming flirty. I mentioned to him that I wasn’t comfortable with what was going on. Well he backed off. She knew he was with me but continued to send flirty emails. I thought well it’s harmless… Until I came home from dinner with a girlfriend and found him glued to his phone, he said he was answering emails which I found odd being it was 10 or 11 o’clock at night. I took his word and was getting ready for bed when I glanced over and saw a picture of this women in her underwear! Needless to say I wasn’t happy, with either of them. I let her have it and I let him have it. || The following day she feels like it’s ok to contact him. Again I confront her and she says she won’t contact him anymore. Not true the last round of their shenanigans was in September when I finally let them both know how I feel…. I haven’t gone into great detail because what they both did was wrong my issue with denise is she is 45 and a mother of 3 who clearly has no respect for herself or anyone else. This situation has really killed me, I know longer trust people. Honestly I hate to do this I am somewhat appalled by this site but I think it’s just what I need to heal and find some peace in this situation. People are selfish, self centered and shameful. I won’t be anyone’s doormat and I don’t care what anyone has to say about the situation. I know it hurts and I want her to hang her head in shame for behaving like a whore.

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By Ronald

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