Denali Gift Companies, Inc. Review


Summer of 2016 was my first summer working up in Alaska. I went up alone and had little idea what to expect (in terms of people and recreational activities, the job description is clearly laid out and straightforward). I have to say my expectations were blown out of the water! The people are some of the friendliest people i have ever had the pleasure of working with/ living with. In fact our group in 2016 quickly came to feel like a family with everyone including one another and being very respectful. The job itself is a great way to way to meet people from all over the world and learn a little bit more about the world in a whole. | Being an employee in the Canyon you as entitled to many comped tours in the area; rafting, atv rides, jeep excursions, flight/helicopter tours, meaning instead of paying the full price of the tour you simply pay a generous tip to the guides on said tour (an amazing opportunity on its own!) | The area is very remote although being a tourist hub there are plenty of places to find people, so whether you want to be completely submerged in the rugged Alaskan wilderness there are options for you! | The housing is without a doubt the cheapest and nicest option in the area. At only 4$ a day for your housing, showerhouses, kitchen, electricity and wifi it comes out a little shy of 130$ a month which is next to nothing! There is a main house with a kitchen, living area, bathrooms and a couple of bedrooms. This is typically where people would congregate and hangout after work or whilst planning some day off adventure. To put it shortly, there is always something going on or people hanging out if you’re looking for something to do. | If you’re an outdoorsy type who enjoys hiking, camping, exploring in general, then this is without a doubt the job for you. With Denali National Park within walking distance of where you work there is some of the most breathtaking scenery and wildlife i have personally ever been blessed enough to witness. Besides time in the park you are living in an area surrounded by dense extremely green forests, rivers, lakes and of course no shortage of rocky mountain peaks. | 10/10 would highly recommend to anyone seeking change or some adventure in their lives!


Name: Denali Gift Companies, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Alaska

City: Denali National Park

Address: Mile Marker 238.5 Parks Hwy

Phone: 907-683-3300


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