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My husband and I have been married for three years. I thought everything was perfect. Then he started acting strange about three months ago. My husband, Jimmy Morrow, has been married five times. He’s always been the victim. Well I have found out differently. He’s being talking to and sending pictures back and forth with this nasty skank for months. I never thought to look at phone records. I finally did. When I confronted the skank, she threatened to report me for harassment. EXCUSE ME!!! How about you sending my husband pictures of your nasty ass in a skirt, with your legs spread wide open. || My husband has been gone for a week and I have started divorce proceeding, DUE TO THIS SKANK AND JIMMY MORROW DESTROYING MY FAMILY!!!! So watch your husbands. She will nab him and you will be all by yourself. I hope her nasty ass is happy!!!

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By Ronald

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