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Company ships autos to the Balkans. 1), No receipt is ever provided for monies paid. 2) I and at least 8 other customers have had problems ranging from employees driving vehicles for personal use and vehicles arriving damaged. In my case my vehicle was driven on toll roads by an employee who did not pay the tolls. I received the bill later. The company did not reimburse. When my vehicle arrived there was damage inside and outside the car. The company did not answer their phones or respond to emails for three months. Only after I started filing complaints against them did I hear from the owner. Rather than discuss the issue of toll charges and damage he preferred to focus on my ingratitude. It has been over a year and over 50 emails and I have yet to see a penny from this company. My experience was mirrored by others who used this company. Two words sum up my experience with Demars: unprofessional and dishonest.

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