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Complaint: I am a disabled college student and have been receiving help from Vocational Rehabilitation. Voc Rehab bought a computer for me to use while in school and when I finally graduate, at my future place of employment. The purchase was made August 27, 2014 from Best Buy in Columbia, Mo. It is a Dell and the representatives at Dell say the computer was purchased in July, which is not true. The computer I signed for would not charge the battery and did not recognize the adapter that came with the unit. The unit also emits and electrical pulse when plugged in. Not a static electric shock, but a continuous pulse of electricity. I fear for my health, safety of my personal being, and peripheral devices if I were to use this unsafe computer. At Dell’s discretion, I sent the computer to their “repair depot”” in Houston

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Address: Texas. There

Website: for some unknown reason. They then shipped the unit back to me certifying that it was fixed. I opened the box

Phone: the technician provided a new adapter

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