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The scam is they send you a email for a phone interview. A person name Charles Shorey contacts you. After speaking with him if your chosen 2 days later a supposed manager contacts you. Mine was Laura Chase. They then explain to you the business and send a link for a database you will be working from to be downloaded. they then send the employment package via email which you download sign and send back. Your work agreement, tax forms,homeland security forms are all part of this package. The agreement is you are on a 30-35 day trail at which at the end of the trail you will be paid 1800 plus 50 dollars in gas reimbursement. If they decide to keep you on your rate of pay will be 2200 plus 100 dollars in gas reimbursement monthly. At the end of my 30-35 day trail which was oct 30 friday I was never paid. When I tried to contact them about it I was given the run around and I still have not been paid. And now the database that I worked from is offline so that I cant message anyone. I have all the proof of work that I performed for them during my trail period as well as emails sent to them and ones that they sent back.

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By Ronald

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