Del Oro Water Company Review


Our previous water bill was $50.83. We have now been billed for $207.11 and have not increased our usage. I sense this may be retaliation for our complaint to the California Public Utilities Commission when our bill was previously increased dramatically with the excuse of a “drought surcharge” for additional useage. The “drought surcharge” has only enabled IOUs (investor owned utilities) in California to gouge consumers. | Our water useage has not measurably increased. We have no landscaping requiring watering. We have not increased our water useage for bathing, laundry, cooking, etc.. This is purely gouging out of greed by exploiting the California drought surcharge. | Del Oro has a lot of explaining to do and it will be before the media and a Butte County judge or jury. This is extortion – period Pay what we demand or we’ll cut-off your water.


Name: Del Oro Water Company

Country: United States

State: California

City: Chico

Address: Drawer 5172

Phone: 1-530-717-2500


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By Ronald

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