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They send you a cheque to pay the car wrappers and you pay them I reported earlier that i saw it on yahoo home page but i was mistaken. A little shook up. It was actually a text from 1-780-788-7504. I realised something was wrong when i tried to call the 800 number they had on the email they sent after i texted them that i was interested.I had sent them my email address. I did give them my home address and the make and model and colour of my car.They emailed me that i had been ok’d for the job and that they would send me a cheque to pay the wrappers. That is when i tried to call the 800 number and it was not in service. I emailed them and told them i had called police. which i hadn’t. Then i tried to look up deer park bev and found this site, Sorry for the original mis info

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By Ronald

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