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We received this email at our business. Note the debt amount and overdue date. Be aware and really read the info as they will make obvious mistakes. Remember, never click any links they put into the email as that is how they hack in.————————————————–Dear,Regarding the amount due 97972 USD, we act on behalf of creditor company in order to collect the outstanding account value of your debt.We would like to remind you that the amount above was due for payment on 12.02.2018 but as no payment has been received, your invoice is now considered as overdue.You can download invoice "…………………………………⇄ />In order to avoid further costs, please forward the payment to us and transfer the amount due not later than 04.05.2018.If you have any questions regarding the current situation, please do not hesitate to contact us.Regards,Diana J. CavanaughDebt collector LTD,

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