Debra Tri with Simplicity Medspa – Debra Tri with Simplicity Medspa is a not certified

Run as far away as you can from Simplicity Medspa. Take from me. I received services from a woman named Debra Tri. She is actually known for injuring her clients, often. She offers cheap deals just to get your money but does not know what she is doing. She is not a certified MD.Getting Botox from her is actually dangerous. I received injections in my forehead and lips from her.Not even 24 hours later I had bumps growing in the areas that she injected me with.She said that it was normal, but the next day, there was discharge from the areas and I was badly lips were the worst. I could barely move them.Her prices are not worth it!She ruined my face. I had to get everything corrected.

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