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My husband and I have been married for 12 years and will have been together for 15 years in January. We do have a 3 year old little girl. We’ve been living in San Diego and our marriage was going stagnant so we decided to try an open marriage. It ended up not working out but he could not get past the jealousy that other guys had been talking to me. Even though it was agreed upon. For Mother’s Day in 2014 he asked me to please walk away from the lifestyle to which I partially agreed. There was just something I didn’t trust him on. I stayed friends with one person and then ended up finding out that my husband had still continued talking to someone else. We then agreed we were done and we would do what we could to fix our marriage. Trust me, neither one of us was innocent. A lot of the stress came because he lost his job in March and I was the sole supporter of our family. || He came to Albuquerque in July for a”break” and while he was here he ended up seeing his ex-girlfriend Debbie of over 15 years ago. I wasn’t aware at the time but my husband had created a fake fb profile and was communicating to her that way. When he came back from Albuquerque one thing led to another and I ended up pregnant. I am 7 weeks pregnant right now. At the beginning of August he magically decided that he was going to be moving back to Albuquerque. I agreed a trial separation wouldn’t be bad and agreed to let him bring my daughter until I found another place to live. (He was coming to Albuquerque to live with my mom temporarily) However once they were here I missed my family so bad and immediately took leave from work and came out here to be with him. At this time I still didn’t know about the homewrecker and my husband would ask to take her overnight to a friend named Andrew’s house. It was just fishy because he’d never call me from inside the house, and if anyone started talking he’d immediately hang up. I found out through a mutual friend that he was dating her. Lo and behold he has only been in Albq for 3 weeks and has been living with her for the past 2. Including having my daughter spending the night over there which we had agreed we would never do. || She seems to think that she can convince him to get full custody of our daughter and has also convinced him that he doesn’t need to see her in the meantime. She is also demanding that he get physical proof of my pregnancy to her. Last I checked she wasn’t my husband and I don’t owe her shit. She called him upset tonight saying that I was adding her family and friends to my FB and when I told him to ask her for proof she of course couldn’t provide it. || Trust me, I know he is not innocent in all of this either and is being easily manipulated. However who the eff does this homewrecker think she is? Supposedly they have”history” together. What teenage love history? Do her parents, family and friends know that she is living with a married man who has a pregnant wife? She is the most despicable homewrecker I’ve ever met. And then had the audacity to tell him she wants to speak to me. Hoe please. You are NOTHING to my daughter or I. Just the home wrecker that manipulated my daughter’s dad.

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