Debbie Bennett – Nasty hoe Mississippi


This is the slore there has tried her damndest to destroy my marriage.If you are married stay away from this homewrecker. Not only is she pimping herself out to every truckdriver she can,she is also pimping out her granddaughter who is just a child, she hangs around horse shows and trolls the internet looking to get her some.This is a old b1tch that’s not afraid to take men home with her even though she is married if you can call it that. She is so fat you wouldn’t even know if you got close to her pu55… she wants everyone to think she is a Christian, but her actions reflect something else. She is a nasty b1tch that will do everything she can to break up a marriage and damn near did. How does it feel now to know that you will never again see my husband. This b1tch posted pictures of her and my husband on her Facebook page and said it was her husband and then tagged my husband in it.what a piece of garbage. You can find her all over the internet sites like fukbook and girl on girl on man.Give her a call REDACTED.You would think that someone who has lost a child would know what it’s like to feel pain instead of costing another family pain.One day this b1tch will stand before God and be judged just before she is thrown into hell where she your husband’s email because that’s her deal

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By Ronald

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