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Scammer wanted to buy a stool at first with a credit card. Said he was not comfortable placing order online and would call to discuss and make full payment. After we provided the quote, he wanted us to ship items to his wife in Austria, using their preferred shipping company. I’ve seen this scam before where they want us to email them, pay them and then we would never hear from the buyer again. See below for our conversation."Thanks for your email and for helping me with this order till this point.I am okay with the cost of this order as $4,623.94 I will like to move ahead with this order. But before I proceed, I will like to know the cost of shipment as well. I will like to recommend you to Ever Green Logistics for the shipping of these Item’s to my wife in AUSTRIA.Email them with the total quantity,size,weight and the description of the Items together with your pick up address and my wife’s delivery address which is below , So that they can get you the shipping cost.Delivery Address :-Mrs Faith PalmerWolfgang SchüsselLiebiggasse 1451030 WIENAUSTRIA.The contact email to is [email protected] . Please go ahead and get in contact with them now via email so that i can provide you with my credit card for you to bill it for the total amount of the unit together with the shipping cost.Regards.Thanks and God BlessPalmer"

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