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Complaint: this company operates in Houston by the name caterbrokers promising businesses catering jobs for a fee . I was charged $1598 dollars ( I agreed to $799/mo) but my account was debited $1598 without my permission. The contract guarantees a minimum of 4 catering jobs the first month and 50 per year. A person by the name of Chris Bustos came into my restaurant to make the deal. I later talked to a “John”” that is the “”account supervisor”” . I fugured it was a scam when I told him of the double charge and he said it was for fees assoiciated with the account ( this was after 5 days of the contract) after 45 days no catering jobs were offered. I tried to contact them but got the run around. Later I found out that they had also done the same thing to at least 2 businesses here in houston for about $50

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Address: 000 total. this is a warning to any restaurant or small business trying to get more sales leads etc. it is a SCAM!! Call the police if you are apporached by these thieves . Do not give them any account information or any money up front. The scam has been used by other companies susch as this one to get service oriented businesses such as : cleanning companies

Website: dealbrokerz and socialyum this is the same people working out of California a huge scam!!!!”

Phone: lawn care etc . They come in promising jobs

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