This company improperly installed a water heater at our residence less than a year ago. We were notified that the water heater was improperly installed during a routine home inspection. The improper and not up to code installation was verified by several contractors and plumbers. We contacted DC Plumbing and informed them that they had improperly installed the water heater and asked them to please correct the problem and bring their work up to code. The company assured us that they would bring the work up to code if it was improperly installed. After several weeks of getting the run around and two house visits later, the company decided that they were not responsible for their own work! Their logic was that the plumber who installed the water heater was no longer working for the company. DC Plumbing suggested that we pay them a second time to correct their already improperly installed work. This company should do their work up to code the first time and not try to rip-off their customers with work that is not up to code. I caution anyone who is considering to use DC Plumbing. I suggest using another licensed plumber that does their work up to code . . . that is unless you want to pay twice for the same job.

San Clemente, California USA



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By Ronald

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