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Complaint: DC Drywall and Finishing – Poor Workmanship, Mechanics Lien We hired Cruz the owner of DC Drywall and Finishing to install laminate floors, carpet, tiles to bathroom and foyer, doors, wood stairs and drywall and paint to our 2800 sq’ basement because of his positive reviews I read on HomeAdvisor.com. Cruz was u201cextremely unpreparedu201d for our project and even asked during the middle of the job, if he could get paid for what he did and walk away. I explained to Cruz, we have a contract and I expect you to finish everything in a professional workman like manner which he later agreed to after childishly complaining for at least 30 minutes. Cruz created many problems for himself by having cheap inexperienced subcontractors and took much longer than originally planned. The drywall and painting was never finished properly in many areas and looks patchy. His bathroom tile contractor walked off the job because he realized the shower floor was never sloped properly to the drain. I asked Cruz, do you have another contractor that can finish the job and he said no, so I had to hire another contractor to repair his work and deducted the money from Cruz. Cruz spent a few hours with one of his workers when the laminate floors were being installed and later admitted that he or his young worker had never installed floors before. Now because of their lack of experience the floors are bucked at two different areas because of being to tight against the wall and is not allowing for proper expansion. Cruz and his workers showed very little regard to our home and ripped our newly installed carpet and caused multiple scratches on our new bath tub along with many other damages that need to be repaired or replaced. Debris was left all over the place and was never cleaned unless we complained. To make matters even worse, Cruz demanded that we pay him in full without having his workers take care of any of the damages they caused or he will place a mechanics lien on our property. The following day I went downstairs to inspect all his work and was shocked to see that Cruz or his worker put a 2u201d hole in our wall out of anger the day before. Unfortunately, we are now in the process of interviewing other contractors to finish our project and will post a follow-up here of the outcome. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Please click on the link below to see damages and improper workmanship.www.panoramio.com/user/7719875

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Address: 6036 Bellview Drive Falls Church, Virginia USA


Phone: 703-403-2716

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