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Re: Days Inn Hotel – 1825 Lorain Blvd Elyria, Ohio I have stayed at this hotel MANY times over the years while visiting family in the area, and never had any problem. However, on this visit, I noticed immediately that the hotel was “under new management” and the quality of everything was the complete opposite of all previous stays. We experienced uncleanliness, inaccessible areas for disabled guests (serious fire hazard!!), and rampant racism from the new “owner.” It was unbelievable!! First, upon entering the lobby there was a foul/musty odor which permeated the entire hotel. The common areas were littered with trash (as well as the parking lot), and it appeared as though it hadn”t been properly cleaned in weeks! Secondly, I am a disabled veteran. We were given a floor on the 6th floor. There were only 2 elevators in the hotel, and 1 of those was out of service the entire stay…and I never saw anyone working on it. The 2nd elevator was obviously just barely operational and wait times were ridiculous because 6 floors had to use 1 elevator. On the 2nd day, I experienced a situation where the operational elevator (barely) was out of service for a period of time as well, and the only way to exit our floor was by stairs. Because of my disability, I have a very hard time with stairs, and after 6 flights of them, my pain was unbearable. In addition, after making it to the ground level, we discovered that the exit was blocked off and had to then go back UP one level to enter another area of the hotel and find an exit. This was an obvious fire hazard, and scary for someone with a disability who might have to exit quickly if there was an emergency. Secondly, our room on the 3rd day was different (because we weren”t planning to stay but ended up staying another night) than the first 2 nights. The card reader on the door was literally duct taped onto the door, the room was not clean at all, and there was no microwave. When we asked about this (again, probably stayed at least 12-15 other nights over the past 18 months and each time the room had a microwave) we were told by a very rude front desk woman that “microwaves were not guaranteed” and if we wanted one in our room, we would “have to request it from the front desk and they would have maintenance bring one to the room.” Thirdly, the phone in the room did not work at all (not even a dial tone…had to call the front desk from our cell phone). And lastly, we encountered some of the most blatant and shocking racism I”ve ever witnessed. My husband had a heart attack while we were in the area and was admitted to Metro Hospital (which is why we ended up staying another day…but then went to stay with family after the incident occurred). The doctors told him he needed to be on complete bed rest for 3-4 days after being discharged. The morning of our last day, I went downstairs to get something to eat from the breakfast area. I immediately noticed that it was completely different than previous stays, with 2 out of 4 of the juices being “out-of-order”, bread and bagels literally just thrown on a cookie sheet with some plastic wrap over them instead of being in the pastry case that was there before, and out of 4 cereals, only 1 was filled up (frosted flakes – but no milk available). I proceeded to make a plate for my husband and as I was getting ready to leave the breakfast area to take it to him, the same rude front desk woman told me that we weren”t allowed to take food back to our rooms (although people were having pizza & all kinds of food delivered the night before). I explained to her that my husband was on bed rest due to doctors orders, and that he wasn”t supposed to be walking that far. She told me (with attitude) that was too bad, he could either walk to the breakfast area, or not eat. She then made me throw away the whole plate of untouched food. When I went back to the room and told my husband what had happened, he insisted on getting up and walking down to the breakfast area (even though he wasn”t supposed to). With his hospital bracelet still on, we stopped at the front desk to express our dissatisfaction with the employee to a manager. At first we were told that the manager wasn”t there, but upon requesting that the front desk call him, a man came out of the back room and indicated he was the “owner.” We explained to him the situation, as well as all of the other things we had noticed while staying there. He told us if we didn”t like it, we could go somewhere else, and then asked for our room number. When I told him our room number, he said, “ok, now I”ve blocked you so you can”t ever stay here again.” Then my husband questioned how he could be so insensitive being that customer service and hospitality are supposed to be the #1 goals for any hotel. At this point, he actually threatened to call the police on my husband (who had just got out of the hospital 12 hours earlier, and who was in no way hostile towards the owner or anyone else, and who was only being treated the way he was by the owner because of racism). As I witnessed the interaction between the owner and my husband, I was thoroughly shocked at the level of racism on display, lack of empathy, absence of concern for a paying customers” well-being, and total disregard for any form of proper customer service. This “owner” needs to be fired, and all of the employees need to attend diversity training as well as being trained on laws regarding disabled individuals. This hotel is a huge stain on the Days Inn brand, and will continue to bring in bad reviews and complaints as long as the current staff are allowed to continue running the hotel this way. I am holding off on blasting every hotel review website with our experience until I give the corporate office a chance to rectify the problems. I think it”s fair to let you know first and see if anything is done about it before putting any negative reviews out there. What we experienced in terms of racism, access for disabled individuals, and disgusting/unclean rooms & common areas is just unacceptable. I would appreciate a follow-up email from someone letting me know if these issues will be addressed. My email address is : [protected] Respectfully, Elizabeth Whitsel

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