Dawnelle Matijevich – Desperate hag pursued man in 14 year relationship with a child. Pennsylvania


Dawnelle Matijevich was a person my boyfriend of 14 years dated 20 years ago. She was so desperate to make contact with him that she had her sister contact him on facebook to ask him to please contact her. Being a disgusting person my boyfriend of 14 years, Randy Oney, decided it would be a good idea to contact this person without my knowledge and carry on an inappropriate relationship with her for a month before he left me and my son and moved directly into her house. He slept in my bed one night and hers the next. She lured him in by telling him that she aborted his baby 20 years ago and never told him she was even pregnant. Apparently, that turned him because after a month of having an inappropriate relationship with this person, Randy decided to leave his son and I for this person. She knew the entire time that she was helping break up a family but was so desperate for a little male attention, that she didn’t care. I spoke to her on the phone the day she moved Randy into her home and she said she “just wanted to inspire him.” I pleaded with her and told her that this would be very difficult on my son who has existing issues he is battling and she said “breakups are always hard on kids.” I explained to her that Randy and I had just had sex days before as well. Dawnelle Matijevich drives Randy around because he is a 43 year old man without a car. She was very thirsty for some male attention, so much so that she didn’t care what price my son and I had to pay. It was October 20th of 2018 that she moved Randy into her home and she now won’t allow Randy to be in my presence for fear that our family may be reunited. She also monitors our phone conversations. This woman is 42 years old and disgusts me. I realized that Randy is the most disgusting of all in this situation allowing a hag to dictate whether or not he can see his child and leaving his family to be with her. I just want people to know when they see these two despicable people out that they know there is a little boy hurting without his dad because of their selfish desires.

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By Ronald

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