Dawn Michelle Hopper (Schmidt) San Jose, California California


This sorry excuse for a human being had been a co-worker of my husband’s, and I thought, a family friend for years. She is married to a very wealthy man that built her an enormous home with a vineyard in Lincoln, Ca. And, made it possible for her to retire at the age of 42! Takes her all over the world for vacations. Yet she decides its a good idea to Fuck my husband for a year in the back of her new Silver Range Rover at a park after their coed softball games! Didn’t she already have enough? She had to have my husband too? Does she hate her extravagant life so much, that she had to ruin mine even further? || A little history on he and I: I am a rape victim. Which gave me some sexual hangups. I lost my libido, and had a hard time with sex. My fault? Any way, she took advantage of his own difficulties dealing with my”issues” || She and her husband knew me, my kids and husband for years. We used to go to their place each year for a huge Halloween party. In 2013, my husband started taking shots (he’s not a drinker) and then I keep catching him hugging her. Staying with her and not spending time with me. I confront him, and of course I’m told it’s nothing, they are just friends and he drank too much. Well, after 26 years of marriage and my ongoing total trust in him, I fall for the bullshit and drop it. Fast forward 3 months to New Years Eve. His phone is his best friend all night. I have to corner him for a midnight kiss. He disappears in the bathroom for an hour. Next morning I get up and see his phone still in the bathroom. I decide to check it out. No texts, good. No calls, good. No emails, good. Wait, let me check deleted and sent emails… Holy Fuck! There it is all spelled out in black and white. She was on vacation with her husband at that moment, and emailing my husband sexual emails all night! Those emails are now imprinted on my brain forever. I confront him, he tries to deny it, until I say”I read your emails”… || I want this fucking whore to suffer. I want her to feel the pain she caused. I hate her more than my rapist! I want that rich hubby of hers to kick her ass to the curb. I called him, gave him the info. But it seems he has forgiven her. I hope to find out my husband wasn’t the only other man using her fuck-mobile, so I can ensure to end her fairy-tale marriage.

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By Ronald

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