Dawn Kunin – Extreme homewrecker Texas


Watch out for this female. I used to work with her at a local convenient store and boy she is a real piece of work. For starters she was messing around with a few of our coworkers which caused problems in the store. The fact that she was also doing drugs and passing out while at work was enough to piss me off but then she started seeing a man who she wouldnt shut up about. She bragged about how he was married and had 4 or 5 kids and how the wife never knew anything and she was even pretending to be the wifes friend. Skip ahead and this woman actually got pregnant by the married man on purpose and she told him if he didnt divorce his wife and chose her that he would never see his baby. Then we found out that his wife and kids finally knew after almost a year because dawn got pregnant and was threatening them and blaming everyone but herself. The last I heard the man divorced his wife and actually married Dawn because she wouldn’t put him on the baby’s birth certificate and threatened to take the baby from him. And after making him chose her she went one step above and made him chose their baby over the other kids he has. She is a manipulative homewrecking drug abuser who has destroyed so many lives. She still brags about how she stole that man from his wife and kids and how she won and all this other sh1t. I know this cause I’m still friends with one of the people that work there. She is the worst of the worst and if she done this to at least 4 other women she’ll do it again! Beware boys.

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By Ronald

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