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I think this site is wonderful! This woman is the known as the county whore. My husband has been friends with her for years (yep one of those”just friends” situations. Each year, my husband and the whore, along with a group of younger adults go on a canoe float trip. It started out being a float trip just for my husband and our sons then the sons and their friends’ girlfriends got invited. This whore is the mother of (removed), who is one of my oldest son’s best friends. She has been stalking and flirting with my husband for years. On the day of the float trip (June 28) the whore jumps in my husband’s truck and flashes her tits to him. He ended up screwing her later that night and again while I was on a work trip to Washington D.C. || Yep. The whore had an STD (hpv) to be exact and she gave it to my husband and then I was diagnosed with the same STD. When confronted by her own son, she said,”I would never sleep with a married man.” Yeah right. This town whore has screwed so many men, it’s a wonder the entire county doesn’t have HIV and several other stds. || This woman likes to use her work email account and send emails to my husband’s work email account. Who sends a yearbook photo of my husband with the subject heading”LOOK AT THIS SEXY GUY”. She also emailed me husband and asked him to hook her up with other married men where he works. What’s really sick is that her son is spreading gossip about our family but is leaving out the details that his whore mother was the one involved in an affair with my husband.

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By Ronald

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