Dawn E Worley Missouri Missouri


A couple of weeks ago, I found out that my husband of 17 years was having an 8 month affair with this whore. See, my husband is a truck driver and goes all over the country, he would tell me that he was out on the road when he was at her house all along.She has pictures of him and her when they would travel together. We have 2 kids and this bitch even had enough nerve to tell me my kids meant something to her. I found out because someone else’s kid was missing and my husband just happened to tell me the story of how he was helping look for him and then I go to her page, out of a gut feeling and found out that he was searching with her. I had busted him out about phone calls that were 1 and 2 hours long months earlier and he said that it was her ex trying to get a job driving for the same company as him. She knew he was married and had kids at home and yet this whore decided she was going to go on the truck with him, when he would go to Washington and Vegas. || She lived next door to my brother-in-law for years and knew what his family situation was…HE WAS MARRIED WITH KIDS! This whore has even gone so low as to come to my town and stalk me! She needs to be exposed so that all the wives out there will know not to take their husbands around her. She put all the blame on him, on how he told her everything was soooo bad in our marriage. She is the one who got in touch with him and keeps trying to contact him. Even after changing all numbers she still stirs up drama.

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By Ronald

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