Davison Inventing – Do Not Give Davison Your Ideas

I am more upset with myself for falling for this scam. I truly believed in my product and ideas. The people at Davison Inventions made me believe that they did too. They told me that they could take my wonderful idea great places and that it was a money maker, for sure. I made the mistake of handing my ideas over completely. I paid them to handle everything because they told me that they could take care of all the hard work. I paid them a fair amount up front, I would have to pay a monthly fee, and then they were going to get a percentage of my sales. It sounded pretty typical for a deal like this, however, they took advantage of the fact that I gave them everything. They sold my idea and I did not get a penny back. I made multiple complaints and emailed every day, but they had written me off. It took me a while to figure out that their professional voicemail was probably never checked. Do not take your great ideas to Davison. They will not help you, they will take your money and everything you have to share.

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