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Some male from "Person Locator Service" identified themselves on the initial call and said they have an important civil matter to bring to my attention.The instructions were to take the "case number" they provided and call another party to discuss the matter because it was covered by "privacy laws".I called the number, and "stephanie" picked up by announcing I’d reached "Davis and Edwards".I gave this person my case number.This person muted their phone for a moment, then came back on the phone to verify the last 4 of my SSN, which was correct. That was odd.They continued to explain that I owed Verizon $690 from an account prior to 2012, no actual year, for a phone number they couldn’t identify. They only had the area code and first 3 digits of the number. They also stated they’d mailed information to my home address, which was false. I took their information and asked them to email me a bill, which I promptly began to research. They called it a "pre-release of liability." I don’t believe that is actually a legal document.First of all, there is no business license in Riverside for a company named "davis and edwards".What is more interesting is that if you look in the ScamPulse.com website there are numerous complaints for a different company, "Morris & Meyers" at the EXACT same address and they are doing almost the same type of scam. This company doesn’t have a license either.I checked: riversideca.gov/businesstax/Search/SearchBy

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By Ronald

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