David’s Bridal Cary Illinois Review


I got engaged in January 2006 and immediately set out to find a dress. Being a plus sized woman I knew it would be difficult, but David’s Bridal carries plus size gowns. The clerk was kind and showed me several dresses. I liked one, but only if it was available in off-white for $249. I was told that it was being discontinued and they only had what was out in the various stores. She told me she would check with other stores and locate the dress. nThree weeks later I get a call from the same clerk (name with-held because I went to high school with her), she said the dress was only available in white and would be off the sale price in the next few days. I decided I had plenty of time to find a better dress so I passed on it. nIn September 2006 I went back to the same Vernon Hills, IL store to try on dresses again, this time I only have 3 months to come up with dress of my long awaited dreams (I’m a first time bride at 40!) Not only did they have the same exact dress (I have pictures from January), but now it’s $550 even though they have the $99 sale going on. I asked about the January sale and was told “that ship sailed””

and that it couldn’t be the same dress I was referring to. nWhen I called the store to find out why the bait and switch from Janaury etc. I was told they didn’t like those words and to kindly rephrase my comments. I told her I didn’t like the advertisements for the $99 dresses when they specifically have nothing in plus sizes and that I didn’t like getting bit**ed at by family because I couldn’t find one of the $99 dresses which they promise on all their ads. nThe store manager stated “” I didn’t appreciate you over the top brides giving me and my staff a hard time because of company policy””. I told her that she had an obligation to inform her company that Plus size women don’t deserve to get ripped off simply because we are between a rock and a hard place. nI phoned her supervisor

Aquanetta Dawson at 800-823-2406 ext. 5107 only to get a voice mail message which says someone will call me back in 48 hours. Nobody ever bothered to call back except for the salesman on the phone to schedule my appointment at my nearest David’s Bridal. nNeedless to say

I wouldn’t buy my dress at David’s Bridal if my marriage depended on it!!! I found a beautiful Simplicy pattern and I’ll have the satisfaction of sewing my own! nJo AnnenCary


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