David McGinness, Clerk,Finance Committee, Town of Tewksbury MA, littleton Massachusetts


Complaint: For more than two years David J. McGinness, DOB 30 Jul 66, has been soliciting sex from craigslist users. Not content to use the adults-only “personals”” section

Tags: City Officials

Address: he deliberately places these ads on a board frequented by minors

Website: which as anyone can see from Google aerial photos is in plain view of neighbors. hHe is attempting to have sex in public. This information was supplied about a year ago to the Tewksbury police who had a polite talk with this Town official wherin David J. McGinness “”agreed”” to cease his criminal behavior. They then proceeded to waste public resources investigating an obviously false police report filed by DAvid J. McGinness that he was being “”harrassed”” by craigslist users who were attempting to dissuade him from his criminal activity; by demanding that he stop

Phone: the “”gigs”” board for short-team legitimate work. David J. McGinness offers about 8%- 10% of the market rate for sex workers

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