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Complaint: I was lied to in order to come to the dealership–I called the dealership inquiring about a vehicle I was interested in picking up payments from a repo car. I asked all the usual questions–color? Year? Mileage? Etc. When I told the lady on the phone that I didn’t want to drive 40min out of my way to see a red car when I was lookig for a black or white one, she immediately told me it was white–how coincidental. So I made an appt, she also told ne I qualified for $0down–so I get there and my appt is with a Erika Lopez, whip h by the way never ever helps me. I told thm I was in a rush and needed ti leave for work soon, eventually someone who never introduces himself helps me, all along assuring me I’m qualified and that I will drive out with a vehicle. Whatever—come to find out the car is RED and I need to out $5000 down. So I left. 3days later I received a call from a miss Reid promising the same thing–$0 down for a white Nissan–I didn’t know if was mcdavid Nissan since I had inquired to multiple dealerships; when I returned the called I asked to speak with miss Reid and her “manager”” answered stating she was on the phone

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Address: she tried to help me and everyhing seemed great until I made an appt and she gave me th e address

Website: she acted as if I was dumb or something

Phone: I realized it was the liars from mcdavid–I told her I’ve already been there and is it a gaurantee th at I will have $0down

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