David McDavid Acura Plano Review


I leased my vehicle from David McDavid Acura of Plano. They sold me the extra care package that would provide me a car upon my lease was to ever get repaired. During the spring of 2016, the car was sevearly damaged by hail. I made an appointment to get my car fixed and dropped in off in September, and to my suprise I was not able to get the rental car. I guess that is only for “Service” and not for the body/collision repair…. splitting hairs there if yuo ask me. Even worse they kept the car for over 3 months, the entire time I am still making my $500 per mo payment. | So then I get the car back, the front driver seat was not tightened down and rocked (mind you this car is only 2yrs old with 18K miles) the passenger visor wasn’t attached and in pieces in the center console. Both inside and out of the car weren’t clean, I mean they weren’t ‘filthy’ but suposably it was detailed, the worse part… there were ciggerette ashes on the dash, which can mean only one thing…. someone was smoking in my car, which would explain that messed up smell fabreeze and smoke that I noticed when I first picked it up. | I then called the dealership, as I picked it up pretty late in the evening, and they told me to bring it in as they had to assess the lease for my return… really it was a sleezy way to get me back into the dealership so they could try to sell me a new lease, which I was totally going for, but first they had to fix the first one. Basically they said the car was perfect conditioin, and they would get everything fixed, but why dont I just sign the new lease docs now…. ummmm nope. As just as I suspected they didnt fix a thing. Then to make it worse when I go to turn in my lease they try to hit me for the repairs to the drivers seat and the passenger visor, on top of the $350 return fee… | Beware of David McDavid Acura of Plano. They are nothing more than sleezy dealers that will promise everything to get you, then word smith their way from doing the right thing. Since they decided to make a really poor attemnpt in ripping me off, I didnt get a lease with them, instead went to the Honda Dealership and got a Ridgline for a better deal than they Acura was trying to get me, even worse… it is David McDavid Honda!!! So with that, I guess the Acura dealership is just a rotten apple, in the bunch, so with that… go to GoodSon Acura if you want an Acura, or just get a BMW or Benz. I love Acura and their product, but will never solicit business from David McDavid Acura of Plano again.


Name: David McDavid Acura Plano

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Plano

Address: 4051 W Plano Pkwy

Phone: 214-516-7503

Website: www.davidmcdavidacuraplano.com/

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