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I was married – faithfully – for almost 25 years when my wife and a co-worker (who was also married) started an affair that lasted at least four months in the summer of 2005. I was absolutely naive and completely in the dark while this was happening, although now I look back and all the signs were there. || His name is David Mangold and this creep lives in Hanover, Pennsylvania, but worked in Woodbine, Maryland where my wife held a short-term job. Yes, our marriage had been in trouble for years, but, I always believed that when two people end a marriage it should be done in an honorable way according to the law and proper procedure – especially when you have children, which we did. || I don’t have a picture of this creep, nor do I want one. I don’t want to see his face in nightmares, which I’ve suffered for many years due to the shock of the treachery they both committed. || By the way, my wife confessed everything to me, after I confronted her about it. She confided in our firstborn (20 years old at the time) who then told me about it months later. Can you believe the dysfunction of that? This is how sick my ex-wife was at the time and this man was an admitted serial infidel as well. He dumped her after his wife allegedly gave him an ultimatum. I say”allegedly” because you never know what the real truth is regarding sordid affairs – everybody involved are usually lying through their teeth when they’re discovered. You never know the worse of it – the sordid crap they pull behind your back. || And don’t give me the line,”Well, if it wasn’t him it would have been somebody else sooner or later.” True, but, IT WAS HIM and he should wear the scarlet letter just like her. That’s the price you pay when you interfere in another man’s family. He’s a dog and I want everybody to know it. || So, f**k him. And, I double-dog dare him to sue me – I’ll own his house. Why shouldn’t I? My marriage ended due to the pain of it all after my wife and I tried to reconcile and failed. Then this treacherous woman – the mother of my children no less – threw me under the bus by taking all the equity in our 20-year home and left me financially broke. What a fool I was. I should have directed my lawyer to depose them both and get them on the witness stand in a divorce court, but, alas I didn’t want to put the mother of my children through that turmoil. || P.S. If this creep would have at least sent me a note of apology, I wouldn’t be doing this. I’ve waited ten years for amends and obviously this infidel thinks he doesn’t have to pay a price. So, he can go to hell and pay there for his home-wrecking. || Signed…A Good Man Who Didn’t Deserve Treachery. Thank you…

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