David Isaiah Nwedu

HIs real name is David Nwedu but he impersonates a male model that goes by the name of Baptiste Giabiconi. He is extremely persuasive and uses lots of pictures of Baptiste to lure women in. I should know, I fell for it.When I was talking to him, he always seemed to have problems, with exes. He claimed that they were stalkers and would keep me from seeing him.He couldn’t send me a new picture either because his camera was broken. | He got me caught up in giving him money. He told me that he had a lot of money in bitcoin, but needed to send thousands of dollars to a gentleman named David in order to get it out. He promised to pay me back, so I kept sending him hundreds and hundreds of dollars. | He always had me send the money directly to David Nwedu, not to him. Later I discovered that they were the same person. I got law enforcement involved when I realized. They informed me that he was using this scam to lure multiple women into his scam over the years. | Let this be a warning to you ladies, Do not send him money.

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