David Hopkins


The scammer begun working in the Senior complex where I have lived for Six years, he was hired as a MAINTANANCE MAN in 2018 I don’t know how but he found out I was a Widower. From there he started to come to my apartment pursue me when he would see me what kind of man did I like, and then on day he pulled me in his office and begun to kiss on me. He continued to befriend me and start taking me to his house, and bringing me back the next morning in January 9, 2019 he ask me for a loan of $500 dollars with the intentions that he would pay me back. On September 4, I called and ask for my money or a payment plan, he would not respond to my calls or text. The next morning September 5, he called the cooperate office on me and said I was harassing him because I wanted a relationship with him and he didn’t want a girlfriend, when I became aware of the lies he told, I filed a complaint on him of sexual exploitation and refusing to give me my money back. this was a romance Scam and I think there may be others in the Senior complex where I live. This man has along CRIMMINAL RECORD I know now lived in many cities and may have done this Romance Scam for a long time.

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