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Okay. I have to warn people. This guy is a serial cheater. I hope you share this story to save other men and women from being his victims. I met David in 2004 at our church in a singles group. He was very sweet, unassuming and kind. We were friends for a year, then dated for two more. He was fun, active, energetic and attentive. I did not realize at the time that he was screwing anything and anyone behind my back. We marry in 2007. After 6 months, he has”back issues.” Lots of pain, refused to touch me, ignored me and my children. Apparently, someone had broken up with him, so now in addition, to pain, comes the”depression”. He loses his very well paying job, as he was screwing people at the office and had major porn on his laptop, now he is really depressed. I watched the man be catatonic for almost 2 years. Finally, after more unemployment, he starts hanging out at the city library. WTF? He spends days there. I did not realize all the hookups, chatrooms, massage parlors, prostitutes, strip clubs, etc. He said he just wanted to get away from me and my kids. Nice. This really goes on for like 3 years, sad to say….. || Fast forward, he gets a job at a big furniture store in Colorado, where he immediately begins an affair with”Annie”, the owners granddaughter. I have a receipt for a bra he bought for her on MY birthday. Sigh…I got a mug from Hallmark…..The humiliation these two put me through at a company party is indescribable. She hung all over him, he completely ignored and disrespected me. Don’t know how long this went on, this was Aug 2012. The disappearing acts began then. Texts not returned. Late nights at work. I can’t really say everything that went on, I just know it wasn’t me that was a priority. By March 2013, he announced that he was leaving and moved in with a senior citizen named Kris (who he claimed was his roommate) and that he just needed rest from me and my kids. We were to blame for all of his misery. Please keep in mind this is a 53 yr old man. He didn’t need any furniture, (she bought it for him, yeah, right) It was so bizarre. I was caught completely off guard. The disregard for me was so openly apparent at this time. Then the ignoring really began. He didn’t have anything to do with me and we are married. Didn’t matter to him. I stopped existing. Didn’t even say goodbye to my kids. Then, I started digging. Turned out, he was involved in some”swinging groups” and that is where he met this older woman. He had been going to orgy parties for at least 2.5 years! I got an STD. He showed no concern for me. || I was clueless. I believed he was a Christian and cared for our family. That was a lie. So now, after this discovery, I find out there are over 250 contacts on his phone and he did not work for 4 years. He was calling women, men, his ex wife (removed), (they texted constantly throughout our marriage, I never understood that). Things got really bizarre. I started getting the picture of a serial cheater. I had never known one. All I know is after the fact, I found receipt after receipt for purchases for prepaid visas, cell phones, phone sex lines, lingerie, cash withdrawals, all to fund his sexual activities behind my back. I was focused on providing for our family, and was frankly, exhausted. I was blind. But, now I see. || He may have had over 200 encounters over the last 2 years of our marriage and that doesn’t include the repeats. He was leaving me a trail, I was just too exhausted with him and his behavior to see it. But, he left it all behind for me. Kinda dumb, but whatever. Anyway, spoke with his 1st ex, she is very nice. She shared what he had done to her. At that time he was active in the ministry, and he got caught with prostitutes, at massage parlors and affairs with women at church. He got kicked out. She tried counseling with him, but the therapist told her to leave him. He has been diagnosed with an incurable personality disorder that is irreversible. Please, if you know him and you probably do if in Colorado, please beware. This is not a safe person. Please send good thoughts as I divorce this lying, cheating, homewrecker.

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