Dave Servinski – Watford City, North Dakota Men


This man has had four wives. He left his third wife 10 days after she gave birth to his son. He now doesn’t even claim that child as his own. When his son looks just like him. He likes to refer to his ex-wives as Cunts. Dave is a compulsive liar. He likes to tell everybody that that he owns Adsco. When he only manages the store. He also likes to tell everybody he has a fracking company. Which is far from the truth this man has never even worked for a fracking company. He always likes to tell everybody that he is a real cowboy. He doesn’t even know how to put a saddle on much less ride a horse. I’ve seen them ride he looks very green on a horse. When I married this man I was told his I was his second wife however after a week and a half I realized I was his fourth. Throughout our dating and engagement he was probably with at least three or four other women. The day that I went to try on wedding dresses I found out he was with another woman that day. I really have nobody to blame because I didn’t do a background research on him. I would have found out multiple bankruptcies. This man got a loan on a piece of equipment that did not belong to him. This loan was for $50,000. It was never paid back. This man has not paid taxes in at least 7 or 8 years. The really sad thing about Dave is he’s a very smart man. And he comes across is the most amazing man. However he is a narcissistic sociopath. I had a woman call me about 8 months ago that he was seeing and he had told her that I had been a stripper and then I put a hit out on him. Both are not true. This man told me and my family that had been a Michigan State Trooper. That he had been a police officer in Las Vegas. And it actually killed somebody that was amped up on drugs. That he owned a home in Jamaica and that he owned a home in Arizona that he paid for and let his sisters live at. None of this is true.

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By Ronald

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