Daughin County Prison OPA LOCKA Florida


Complaint: My daughter is been incarcerated at the Dauphin County Prison Facility for 4 1/2 already. She is 19 years old and a US Citizen. We talk everyday on the phone because I care for her and I want her to feel it that way. She is been telling me that she would like to be transfer to another jail because she says that Dauphin County Jail is the worst place that a human been could be incarcerated at. She is more consern about her health than anything else. She explain to me that inmates there dont get any urgent health attention unless they are having a heart attach. that if you have a migrane and requets a pill for the headade to go away you have to wait three days until you see a Doctor. She even mentioned about an inmate having a blood cloth in her arm and her arm going purple and nothign was done to her. I have heard other stories even worse about this facility . She explained to me that if you think you have a fever because you feel to hot they wont see you like in three days from the day you complaint about your body feeling bad. Basically they treat the inmates worse than animals. She says out of the 24 hours of the day she spends at least 22 hours behind bars and the place dont have not even a TV so they could watch TV during those 2 hours. The books they have to read are from 1994 down and we are in 2015. Sincerally someone who cares for The Human been.

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Address: 501 MALL RD HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania USA



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