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I received a call this morning from a number I did not recognize (205) 623-0604. Initially when I answered the call, no one answered. I called the number right back and I was sent to a recording that the person I called had a voice mail that was full. The number has an Alabama area code and since we have most of our family in Alabama, I was concerned. I waited a few minutes then called again and this is when I spoke with Jasmine. She stated she was with Data Check of America and we have an outstanding check they have received to collect on. She stated the check was written at Winn Dixie and the date was 1996. I told her to begin with that was 20 years ago and I asked why we had never heard about this until now. She stated this was for a debt that had been delinquent and in the past it was pursued. I called the credit union the check was written on and they were unaware of it. We have bought a few vehicles and two homes and this has never been brought to our attention. She stated she could not send me an email with the written information. I told her I wanted this in writing and she said maybe someone could do it , but not her. Her main concern was "Now Ma’am, what are you going to do about this". I told her to give me time to research information I was given and she could contact me back in 3 hours. She stated her number was (928)255-0692. I called the credit union and they advised that even if the money was ever owed, it was 20 years out and the statue of limitations was way past. We have not received any notice of delinquency in the past 14+ years of marriage. I have been in charge of finances and can attest to this. A second call came in three hours later and this time a lady introducing herself as Sara called to notify me of our "delinquent check". I told her per the FTC website she had 5 days to send us written notification. The presumed debt was dated 1996 and it was beyond the statue of limitations, to which she replied, "Oh no, the date we go back to is 2014 and we have 4 years from that date" I do not understand where a 2014 date comes into play, but on the advice of our banker, we wanted to inform you of this matter.

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