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Complaint: The people listed below stole 100’s of thousands of dollars from my company. This needs to be investigated by the FBI and they need to be stopped! 1st they start off with CEO at Seton SolutionsJohn Colantoni to come at you to make your firm feel nice and fuzzy. Then comes along Scott Mason Director of Affiliate Marketing at Lawyer Leads Pretending to be an attorney and have your best interests at heart! then to steal everything you or your company owns they bring in the big gun Darren Jablow [email protected] These men list above are the worst type of criminals you could possibly find on the internet Stole 100’s of thousands of dollars from my company. A FAKE company that will rob your attorney firm! They will extort your family friends and anyone else they can to get your hard earned money. They sell fake leads promising people they will get a settlement from their illness they are having. That never happens, they sell nothing but steal attorneys hard earned money for these parties, big houses and perverted fetishes. I have proof. Stay from this company we just got taken $125,000 by these fraudsters. Thanks!

Tags: Auto Consignor Fraud, False Advertisement, Ripoff- Internet, Spam, Suspected Fraud

Address: United States

Website: www.linkedin.com/in/johncolantoni


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