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I have not really in the last 8 years thought much about my husband having female friends and for the most part, they were all pretty innocent. Things seemed to be going smoothly and I had a good job we weren’t fighting and financially we were stable. I knew about a”friend” he had, an ex girlfriend from way back in fact we were friends on Facebook and I was getting to know her. One day I started finding weird texts, you women know the hunch we all get when we start feeling something is wrong. I got a hold of his phone and Facebook and started finding texts. How they wish they were together, how hard their lives were and they needed each other. I took plenty of pictures for evidence and after a week of fighting he was kissing my ass. Next thing you know about a week ago I got another hunch he was doing some sneaky texting. I yet again got into his texts and Facebook. I noticed there were few texts and they were broken not making sense. He’d obviously erased some of them. I checked his account and found very little other than a what appeared to be a flattered emoticon. I proceeded to use his Facebook page to let her know I knew. I tagged her and warned her. Then I private messaged her. She spit back at me like she was in the right. Threatened me told me should could and would kick my ass. I warned her that I am not afraid of her and was more to deal with then she thinks I am. || She told me she’d be with my husband if she wants and to tell him hi. She’s ugly inside and out. She thinks she’s a catch. She doesn’t realize that being a person willing to put a hardworking wife and 3 young daughters out in any way shape or form and willingly sleeping around with married men while she too is in a relationship isn’t a sign of a beautiful person. All she cares about if her own selfish wants and to fill her p**sy with any d**k married or not. I took as many pictures as I could. I can’t wait for the day she meets me. She thinks she’s got something good. She doesn’t know me and she doesn’t know she’ll be walking into a small hometown snake pit of my friends and others who hate her kind. I say bring it on Bitch!

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