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Danna is a textbook narcissistic sociopath. She lied and manipulated my husband and his family into believing she was all about”peace and love” and”a really good person”. When in actuality, she is a drug trafficking felon, has child endangerment and with no rights to her own children. || She used my youngest to get close to my husband and used my oldest to keep my husband and I apart and felt no remorse at ruining the relationship between my oldest and the dad that raised him. || She lied to put me in jail and lied under oath about things I and my son’s had said and done. All resulting in her taking a family and dividing us, then taking my son’s mother away, as well. || She even had a voodoo doll in my likeness. || I don’t advocate physical violence but…. || The one and only time I ever had contact with her (although, she claimed I harassed, stalked, and threatened her numerous times) was the night I showed up at my husband’s home and she refused to let him and I talk about our sons birthday. || My husband took off on foot to avoid being asked something he would have to answer (and unwilling admit he lied to us)… she came outside and told me”you’re a pathetic b*tch, for making up a story about your son be molested, to get the attention of your ex husband” || I assaulted her. DON’T TALK ABOUT ANOTHER WOMAN’S CHILDREN! || After that she continued to harass me, show up at my son’s activities so that I had to leave (per no contact order/my probation). She stalked me and made my life miserable for 2 1/2 years. || She’s now my ex husbands, ex. She took their breakup so well; after 3 days of”peace and love” texts, upon her arrival to get some plants, she hit my ex 5 times. No, she was not provoked. Her own brother was a witness to her sociopathic melt down. || My victim, is far from….

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By Ronald

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