Daniels Transport Service Review


When this guy came to pickup my brand new Subaru (FL to NY in December)…. he locked the car as he got down off the truck (used the key to lock it with the remote). I pointed out to him that the window was still open (driver in the fog). | When I spoke with my broker he called the truck driver and told him that I had called and mentioned this to him. | I got a call from Gilbert Daniels the owner and truck driver who picked up my car – it went to my voice mail. Gilbert used every four letter word in the book and called me an a**. What a jerk. He has my vehicle on his truck and he’s calling me a [email protected]#%# Cun%#[email protected]# Mother F$#%$er . The broker told him to bring the vehicle back and drop it off… tried to cancel the order (truck not more than 20 minutes away)… Gilbert refused to bring the car back to me. He totally violated every professional standard you could imagine. | Never hire this jack a**.


Name: Daniels Transport Service

Country: United States

State: New Hampshire

City: Woodsville

Address: 8 Wilson Ave

Phone: 603-747-3419


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By Ronald

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