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I could tell my husband was pulling out of a relationship with me in June/July. He started talking to his sister in law about our problems and a pill habit he had developed. She was an addict herself. The brother and sister went on vacation with us in late July. I probed until I found text on Oct. 17th. He had been charging his phone in his work van so i got up early and went to check things out and there were text from her….. || I called his brother with no response and I knew he had kicked her out late September. I am still not sure what he knows. || I confronted my husband for him to first say it wasn’t what it seemed, that they were friends. Well 3 weeks of questions and digging into deleted text I found out they first kissed early July and had been having sex since”August” at his brothers house after he went to work in the morning. … || My life is still in shambles but I am pushing myself to get past this. Not sure how it will turn out but I love him and I am really trying.

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