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I’ve been with my husband for ten years, we were high school sweethearts, and best friends. We have an amazing five year old son together. I thought our lives were perfect. In June he just didn’t come home one night, he had been at the bar after work and said he was gonna stay at a male friends house because he didn’t want to drive home. I was fine with this untill he didn’t come home for a week straight. I questioned him to no avail, so I finally asked his co-workers and friends. A mutual friend eventually came forward and said that my husband has been having an affair with a 21 year old bartender. I begged her to leave him alone I begged him to come home. I did things sexually with him just to try and win him back. He stole my car to pick her up and drive her around, then they wrecked my car. I still begged him back again and again. He would come home for a couple hours, texting her the whole time and leave to go be with her every night. I was a wreck, I was weighing 87lbs and a mental mess. I was blaming myself. He took our son to go meet her behind my back, and while I was out of town for work he left my son alone to party with the home wrecker. That was it. I was done. || I kicked him out for good. He broke into my home when I was sleeping at a friends house and stole all my underwear and a phone charger and ate all the food I’m my fridge (our sons food). The next night he got into an argument with the home wrecker and broke into my house again because she kicked him out. This time I was home sleeping. He beat me and I locked myself in my sons room untill he passed out drunk. I then got a PFA against him. Fast forward three months. The home wrecker left him, he lives with his mom. No job, no friends. Now he’s in a rehab and I’m fighting him in court for divorce, and our home. I already have full custody of our son. || If I would have just left him in the begging, it would have been so much easier, but dumb blind love prevented that. Lookin back I’m sure this wasn’t his first time cheating, and I’m glad I left him. I’m gaining weight back, got a promotion at work and life is getting better. I feel bad for anyone who has to go through this, it’s so painful, but just know with friends and family behind you, you’ll make it through this a stronger woman.

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