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NOTICE TO AGENTS IS NOTICE TO PRINCIPALS | NOTICE TO PRINCIPALS IS NOTICE TO AGENTS | PUBLIC NOTICE OF AFIDAVIT OF TRUTH | I, One, Peter – Jason: Helfrich, the Undersigned, declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true, correct, and I shall testify to the same in a Court of law if called upon as a witness. | 1) THAT: On January 6, 2019, a former fellow High Deset State Purgatory survivors Daniel Meyer and Daniel Behan “resued” Peter – Jason: Helfrich from the side of the Las Vegas Grehound Bus Station. | 2) THAT: Daniel Meyer was made aware of the health issues / PTSD that earned me hard erned SSI/SSD Benefits to which I prevouisly [Winter of 2009-10] suffered living in an SUV in | -20 degrees and around 15 inches of snow, to which I was urinating and defecating blood 7 – 10 times a day thanks to Toxic Mold Exposure, Lyme Disease, etc. So, letes get the facts straight; I earned those benefits, and since my training is in the legal realm, I’ve been shot down for a great job in the Legal realm. Dan Filipaik, from Ajilon (Staffing) had basically told me that with this Felony under my belt that I’m unhireable in that feild. While that reality devestated me; Dan Meyer ASSURED me that he would: | A) Assist me in obtaining my SSI/SSD Rehearing / Benefits; | B) Dan Meyer gave his word that he would not toss me to the streets. | 3) THAT I ran into a situation with an Obama Phone that would not answer the call(s) from the Social Security employee holding the “Re-Instatement Hearing”. I, being overwealmed by the burocracy and chain of events described, begged Cruz Bonillia of Southern Nevada Independent Living Center to assist me in the process. | Dan Meyer drove me to a meeting with Cruz Bonillia on 4/19/2019, and Mr. Bonillia made it clear to Dan Meyer that he (Mr. Cruz) was taking control of the situation and that he would be speaking for me in my behalf at the “Re-Scheduled” Hearing. So, it was clear that the previous issues were in the past and hope was on the horizon. I may have needed one more ride to Cruz Bonillia’s Office to get assistence for the illusive rental voucher that has illuded me due to the burocracy of Nevada’s government “System”; and likely one last meeting with Cruz Bonillia in his office for the upcoming “Re-Instatement Hearing”. | It sounded like ALL my prayers have been answered, and that I would be able to get back on my feet again and leave Nevada soon, soo I could buy some land, and settle somewhere of my own. | So, you could expect my devastation and feeling of betrayl at the hands of Daniel Meyer, when shortly after my second HEAT STROKE in two days, Daniel Meyer told me that [Paraphrasing} he’s done all that he can do for me and he’s kicking em out in the street in around six days!!! | Dan Meyers the flip flop John Kerry of the North Las Vegas area, in my opinion and thats taking it lightly. Dan Meyer also had claimed that he had a computer shop opening up and that once my SSI/SSD got up and running / & / the computer shop got up and running, he needed a A + Certified computer Technician for tha shop. So, if Dan Meyer was so worried about keeping his word, as well as getting paid back for the rent that I owed him due to the circumstances; wouldn’t areasonably minded individual see the benefit of keeping their word so I could keep mine?? | I want the WORLD of Facbook and beyond to see the real Dan Meyer. His word is worthless, and when your 10 Feet from the Finish Line he will drop you like a Kleenex in the trash and try to make it look like it was ALL your falt that its allegy season. | Keep in mind that Dan Meyer never went about the “Eviction” process lawfully. Keep in mind that if, out of desperation, I could LAWFULLY DRAG THIS OUT IN A COURT OF LAW FOR 90 DAYS with a Disability Advocate like Cruz Boninnia (etc. ) by my side in the Court House telling a Judge (basically) that (4/19/2019) he (Mr. Cruz) assured Mr. Meyer that all was going to work out for me so long as I completed the upcoming hearing that I am still waiting for a confirmation letter, but I was told the hearing was sometime in June, 2019. | This is the truth. And I want the free world to decide who the AS*HOLE is here. | 28 USC 1746 (1); “Executed without the UNITED STATES”, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WITHOUT PREJUDICE | Peter – Jason: Helfrich; UCC 1 – 308 sss.leaaa.aejegifsso.legsq.nl5.gsr.awhoer.net/danny.meyer.77128


Name: Daniel Meyer

Country: United States

State: Nevada

City: Norh Las Vegas

Address: 1538 Woodward Heights Way



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