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This piece of garbage worked at my husbands dentist office. He went in for some extensive work and she was overly friendly with him. She got his personal information from his file and began to call him at work. She was fully aware that he was a married man with 2 babies at home. When I discovered the unfamiliar number on our cell phone bill I called it. I confronted my husband and he confessed to me that she was actively perusing him. I called and confronted her and she was very nasty and snippy with me, had the nerve to say” that’s not my problem” to me! Can you imagine?? She’s going after my husband and said that to me! Anyway, fast forward 4 years later, my husband and I were having difficulty, he suffers for depression and felt it would be best if he moved out for a while until he was out of his manic state. As much as I didn’t want him to I agreed to let him go. A couple weeks later when I wasn’t able to reach him I got worried and went to look for him. Guess where I found him?? At this drug whores house! I went and banged on the door and of course neither of them would answer. || I found her on Facebook and messaged her, within an hour I was blocked! She is a cowardly home wrecking whore and she needs to be exposed! Be aware of this pig, she’s looking for dollar signs ladies. She saw my husbands informations, and went after him full force. Looking for a sugar daddy! Meanwhile she’s twice divorced! Get your own man bitch!!!

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By Ronald

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