Dan Myers Leitchfield / Elizabethtown, Kentucky Kentucky


I married Dan Myers in May 2011. In December 2014, we learned that I was having a child. He began an affair with a 28 year old CNA he worked with in February of 2015. Both of them knew I was pregnant. He is a Registered Nurse who met the CNA at work. They both knew I was pregnant. The CNA was the wife of a preacher who had two young children of her own. After he went on and on about her being the love of his life, she left her husband and children to pursue a life with my husband. He encouraged her to continue in the affair with him while still attending ultrasound visits and pretending to be in love with me. || I put this man through nursing school while he essentially barely worked. I raised his daughter that he had sole custody of for five years. Once he was caught, all he could do was disparage the CNAs husband. This man is a selfish womanizer. He will drain your bank account, lie to your face, cheat and steal. He has no respect for anyone’s marriage.

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By Ronald

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