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VISA scam detector svc contacted us by phone to ask if we had bought some item from DAMAGEDINTENTIONS for around $260 with our VISA card. We told them we had not. We contacted our bank and had our VISA card canceled immediately, and it has been replaced. We submitted our "debit card dispute" form for our bank, who had provided us with the debit card. We have just received a typed response from the bank saying that since the billing/shipping address the merchant presented matches the name and address on file with our bank, they can no longer dispute this as a fraud and they consider the claim closed. The bank supplied us with Billing/Shipping information which shows that someone purchased a "Double Logo Rug" with our credit card from a company called "DamagedIntention". The email address the company had listed was not our email address, it must have been theirs. They did have our address and one of our names which they must have stolen along with our credit card number. I called the bank to ask questions, but they referred me to the VISA scam detector. The VISA scam detector transferred me to a general customer service person who said I needed to talk to the VISA scam detector at the same phone number that I had already called.I took a break and decided to call back tomorrow or perhaps go talk to the bank. The information the bank provided for me listed the company’s e-mail address as "[email protected]" I was also given the I.P. address for the company as A1- I googled this I.P. address and see that it is attached to a website called "www.stopforumspam.com>country" Information there states "Country Romania – Stop Forum Spam". It has a "Username.tammierg18.Email". I also did a google search for the "DamagedIntentions" website and found a website there that said it was not open and to come back later. We plan to go to the bank tomorrow to talk to them, but expect to be told that we have to work this out with the VISA fraud detection unit, that they are just the middleman.I know our credit card information was stolen along with our name and address, but it seems that if the name and address they stole is our name and address the VISA fraud detection unit must be ok with the theft and feels that there has been no fraud. We will see what the bank says, if they can help us.

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By Ronald

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