Dallis Savanah Johnson – Lufkin, Texas Texas


Please post my story. I will explain my story the best I can to better expose Dallis Savanah Johnson as the true home wrecker she is. I caught my boyfriend/father of my child cheating on me Nov. 30, 2014 with his 21 y/o cousin by marriage. Keep in mind that I am 31 he is 35 we have a 5 y/o and he has a 10 y/o and a 16 y/o. I have been with him 8 yrs. This year my man’s cheating cost us our house and ruined Santa’s Christmas for kids. Savanah continuously txt and called my boyfriend over a period of YEARS BEHIND my back. She used to be my friend. I don’t need friends like that!! I even moved her in my house and kicked her out after one week because I was suspicious. In the last year, she has been sneaking in and out of MY HOUSE having sex with my man behind my back while I am BUSY being the woman of our house. She even messaged me on Facebook again saying she’s ready to f*ck him again. || She is a nasty hoe. She even had sex in our truck and wiped off with my shirt and left it within reach of my child’s car seat. That raises questions of health concern and sanitation and self-respect. At the time that I discovered the cheating, I talked to a close friend of hers that said Savanah at that time was having sex w 3-4 more men and had date with Army dude that weekend. Savanah doesn’t respect relationships or families. She is a home wrecking hoe. I really don’t believe in my heart that my man wants to be with her. He just got caught. They will not last and aren’t. So in the end all you have is a home wrecker with no self-respect that hurt a lot of people.

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By Ronald

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